Punishment, bail, and protection in IPC section 328 of poisoning.

Punishment, bail, and protection in IPC section 328 of poisoning.

Punishment, bail, and protection in IPC section 328 of poisoning – Friends, you’ve probably heard stories about people who have poisoned someone else to commit a crime or who have given a girl alcohol in order to commit a serious crime like rape. It is quite concerning that the number of these kinds of crimes is rising daily. As a result, it is crucial that you are fully informed about this crime. Thus, we will discuss Section 328 of the Indian Penal Code in today’s article. What is Section 328, and when is it enforced? How are fines and bail determined in Section 328 cases?

What is IPC Section 328

According to Section 328 of the Indian Penal Code, anyone who gives someone poisonous or intoxicating substances through food or drink with the intent to harm someone else or aid in the commission of a crime is considered to be feeding. Thus, under section 328 of poisoning, a case is filed against that individual, and appropriate action is taken.

How is bail granted in IPC 328?

The Indian Penal Code’s Section 328 crime is regarded as a cognizable offense. This crime is also not subject to bail due to its seriousness. When someone commits this kind of crime, it becomes very difficult for them to get bail. The Court of Session has the authority to try this offense. There is no way to compound this kind of crime.

In such serious crime cases, only a promising and experienced lawyer can help the accused in getting bail. Only a competent lawyer will try his best to get you bail by understanding every aspect of the law, so choose a lawyer for yourself only after thinking carefully.

Punishment Under IPC 328

To administer poison or intoxicant to a person in order to commit any crimeSerious crime10 years imprisonment and fine.    non-bailableThis crime is not compoundable.By the Sessions Court.


  • Avoid putting your trust in an unfamiliar person and accompanying them somewhere.
  • Give no girl in any party alcohol or any other intoxicant.
  • Don’t turn yourself into a criminal by assigning someone to perform any of your labor while intoxicated.
  • Do not force someone to eat anything if their doctor has forbidden them from eating or drinking anything.
  • If someone offers you something to eat or drink while you’re traveling, steer clear of them.


1 – What is the Indian Penal Code’s Section 328?

Intent to cause harm through poisoning, among other means, is covered by Section 328.

2 – To what extent does Section 328 of the Indian Penal Code punish an offense?

In the event of a conviction for an offense under IPC Section 328, a person faces a maximum 10-year prison sentence in addition to a fine.

3 – What is the offense under IPC 328 defined as?

In order to commit an offense or assist in the commission of an offense, a person must consent to the giving of poison or any other intoxicating substance. This is covered by Section 328.


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